All of our lights are using high CRI, high quality LED chips and each unit is stabilized with remotely controlled gimbal to guarantee smooth light movement and perfectly static illumination. Due to the size and weight of the lights it is necessary to use large heavy-lift drones, such as our Raven. It is also possible to use DJI M600 and similar machines.
In addition to drones, lights can be installed, for example, on our cable cam or a buggy cam.

400W LED light

This light provides a very focused beam of light and uses four parabolic reflectors. Stabilized by our Gremsy
H16 gimbal this light is fully remote controlled and uses a FPV camera for accurate light positioning. The
2X2 Array allows for maximum creative control of dynamic light. Four 100W LED emitters produce 52,000
Lumens, the brightness equivalent of a 6kW incandescent light.

  • Total power 400W, 52000 lumens, 90CRI

  • Color temperature 5500K, we can place a filter in front of the reflectors

  • Stabilized by our Gremsy H16 gimbal

  • Remote On/Off

  • FPV camera for accurate light positioning

  • Flying time 15 minut

400W drone light
400W drone light