Helicam Film (Ltd.) specializes in the production of aerial footage and photographic images, using a camera mounted under a radio controlled helicopter, multicopter or a drone, as these devices are popularly called nowadays.This presents an entirely new dimension and perspective to the field of movie and photo production.You can achieve footage capturing by its originality, and attracting first glance attention when compared to conventional footage taken from the ground.We are able to provide you with the complete production cycle of short films and commercials – from the realization to final postproduction.

At our imaginary hangar, we have several different types of drones available, and we can fly with a wide range of cameras – from big movie cameras to small action ones. The largest drones are intended for Alexa Mini, Red Dragon/Weapon cameras and the like. Medium size drones are for popular cameras of Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7 line. And since not everywhere it is possible to fly with large machines, we also have small drones available, which can be used for flying in the interior or in confined spaces, for example.

All of our drones are equipped with a gyroscopically stabilized camera head that minimizes unwanted vibrations and small camera movements as much as possible. The head, or gimbal, is controlled in all three axes and allows composing the shot independently of the drone’s movement. As a matter of course, we employ an HD quality wireless video down link that allows the crew to have absolute control over the image being shot. Alternatively, the drone may carry another recorder or sensor in place of a movie camera: a thermographic camera, a lidar and more.



We are one of the oldest and most experienced companies providing aerial work using unmanned aircraft in the Czech Republic.We have been present on the market since 2006. The company was founded by David Šachl (cinematographer, graduate of FAMU, the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and Štěpán Matěna.In the early years, we used to fly radio controlled model helicopters adapted for cinematography.Today we only use drones of various sizes.

The cutting-edge technology combined with our years of experience, creativity and skills in film production make it possible to capture images from an unconventional perspective or, on the other hand, to obtain affordable aerial shots at a significantly lower production cost.

Our business has grown well beyond the area of movie making and advertising. More and more, it is becoming commonplace to use drones in technical fields such as construction, mining, mapping, high‑rise structure inspections, etc. Stay on top of things with us, in personal life as well as in business.

We offer services at a professional level, with all operations performed in conformity with Czech law and complying with all applicable regulations governing the operation of unmanned aircraft. We are holders of licenses for conducting aerial work with unmanned vehicles, all our pilots have valid pilot licenses and all of our flying equipment is registered with the Aircraft Register of the Czech Republic.

Why fly with us?

  • We are a team of professionals with a rich experience of long year operations.
  • We use state of the art technology in the field.
  • We carefully respect security – yours, ours, and of everyone around.
  • We have all the necessary licenses and we carry third-party liability insurance.

What they say about us:

I would like to thank you for your perfect cooperation in shooting the New Year’s fireworks in Prague. In spite of the fact that we called you at the last minute, you have been very flexible and helpful, and the result was a perfect footage of the preparations and the firework itself. In particular, I would like to appreciate your technical invention, resulting in on-the-spot solutions so that the fireworks video ended up uninterrupted.



Štěpán Matěna
Štěpán MatěnaCompany manager, pilot, camera operator.
MgA. David Šachl
MgA. David ŠachlCompany manager, DOP (FAMU graduated), pilot, camera operator.
Vojtěch Novotný
Vojtěch NovotnýPilot, camera operator.
Daniel Maxa
Daniel MaxaCamera operator, pilot, SFX.


Since establishing Helicam, we have worked with a number of film studios, production companies and advertising agencies, and we have been involved in filming movies, advertisements and much more.



Vlnitá 31, 147 00 Praha 4

Email: info (at) helicam.cz
Web: www.helicam.cz

tel.: +420 603 711 952 (David Šachl)
tel.: +420 602 543 351 (Štěpán Matěna)

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