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We would like to offer you especially multicopters  from DJI , TBS, SIS, but also everything else to flying and shooting with these models you need.

Thanks to our many years of experience of flying with copters - we use them to professionally photographing and filming - we can offer you not only copters itself, all in one packeges, but also build and test flight service, repair works and last but not least, the flying school.

We are official distributors of well known brands like Team Blacksheep, DJI, SIS and others.

helicem team 

The Helicam team specializes in taking shots from small heights using remote-controlled model helicopter. Our skills and technology used allows you to get unique, in other ways hard (or too  expensive) achievable film footage or photographs.


Helicam is a service that allows you to get interesting and unusual film and photographic footage from the bird ueye perspecitve using a camera carried by a remote-controlled helicopter.