It is usually necessary to obtain special permission from the Civil Aviation Authority for flying in urban areas.

Permission to fly in urban areas (referred to as “congested areas” in the regulations) can be obtained if certain conditions are met. The main criterion is to ensure safety. It is not possible to fly over non-participating persons or their property. This means that the flying area must be secured against the entry of such persons. In practice, this is addressed by exclusive property occupation, event marshals and the like.

If you are planning a project where you anticipate the need to fly in urban areas, please contact us. Together we can discuss possible approaches and arrange for obtaining permission.

A congested area is defined by the Aviation Regulation L 6/III in relation to a city, town or settlement, as any area which is substantially used for residential, commercial or recreational purposes (e.g. buildings, residential and commercial zones, shopping center parking lots, parks, playgrounds and the like).

Operations of an unmanned aircraft must not be conducted at less than a safe distance from persons, buildings and congested areas. General figures are provided in Section 16, Appendix X of the Aviation Regulation L2 – Rules of the Air.